Curious to know how Carrefour, Intermarché, and other major European retailers are making the change to digital-first promotional marketing (and supporting print, too)? Our solutions automate and drive $50 Billion of promotional offers to European consumers every year.  

ARISTID develops leading-edge digital solutions to help major retailers accelerate their digital transformation, increase profitability, and deliver personalized commercial communications at scale.  Our solutions become your unifying production platform for all the promotional marketing efforts you manage, saving upwards of 70% of your team’s efforts and keeping your data interconnected at all times. 

Drop by and ask to be “enlightened” at booth #210.  

Our industry proven SaaS platforms, Omnipublish and Brand & Shop, establish near real-time links between your commercial promotional plans and data married with your creative assets (style guides, images, InDesign files, templates), to deliver a largely automated digital production flow for your Buyers/Merchants, Marketing and your creative, media and printing production partners, Digital teams, and your local stores.  This enable for the use of the same creative content across any print and digital channel, delivering the various formats, localizations, and versions (including pricing, etc.).  

We look forward to meeting you and sharing a new way to drive retail sales.