Signifi is a global leader of cutting-edge, self-service technology for the retail industry. We are the largest automation company in Canada providing solutions to large enterprises like Canadian Tire, Best Buy, The Source, Hudson Airport Retail, Nike, Rexall, Build-a-Bear, University of Alberta, SportsChek etc.

Our innovative solutions, including automated kiosks, smart lockers, and loss prevention hardware, help retailers improve customer engagement, streamline operations, and boost security. With our in-house developed software platform, VISION, retailers can manage their technologies seamlessly while integrating with leading ERP and business systems. Our products are built with continuous development and focus on innovative solutions that reduce costs and improve customer experience.

From our Elevate, Spark, Smart Lockers, Tech Express Desk (TED), to our Orbitor products, we offer a unique and sophisticated shopping experience. At Signifi, we take security and certifications seriously, ensuring our products meet rigorous standards. We work with global partners to provide end-to-end management, including project planning, design services, logistics, merchandising, location finding, remote, and on-site support.

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