As Vice President of Client Management for Global Merchant Services at American Express Canada, Kimberly Kuzmak is a dynamic leader who champions innovation and drives growth. Leading her team with a keen focus, Kimberly plays a key role in developing and maintaining strong relationships with the company’s largest and most significant Canadian merchants. She oversees a dedicated team, focused on delivering exceptional solutions that enhance merchant operations and foster deep, lasting relationships.

Her advocacy for small business and focus on creating customer-centric solutions reflects her dedication to creating value for both merchants and consumers alike.

Kimberly champions workplace diversity and inclusion, leading by example as the Executive Sponsor of the Virtual Office Network in Canada. This role underscores her commitment to nurturing an inclusive environment where diverse talent thrives.

Throughout her impressive 20-year career with American Express, Kimberly has demonstrated an exceptional ability to thrive across various roles, consistently guiding her teams to success. Her leadership excellence has been recognized as a three-time winner of the American Express President’s Club Award, highlighting her leadership and strategic acumen.

Living in Toronto with her family, Kimberly’s professional achievements are complemented by her personal commitment to her community, making her a well-rounded leader whose influence extends beyond the corporate world.