How SAS® Enables Better Demand Planning

SAS provides collaborative forecasting and demand planning steps, transforming demand planning into a continuous, flexible process.

Cloud native forecasting for any size company

•    Automatically generate statistically driven, weighted consensus forecasts.

•    Monitor forecast performance to understand value added or lost at each step.

•    Use out-of-the-box modeling strategies with predefined models.

Demand sensing & shaping

•    Visually analyze demand data to spot patterns and insights related to sales, shipments, pricing, promotions, etc.

•    Evaluate sales history and plan for future events – new products, locations, channel introduction – using what-if scenario analysis.

•    Measure the effect of sales and marketing strategies on consumer demand using multitiered causal analysis.

Optimized transportation costs

•    Adopt enhanced end-to-end supply chain execution.

•    Connect demand plans to products and freight on the move.

•    Reduce transportation costs while increasing agility.

Why choose SAS for demand planning?