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New Ways to Use Data to Harness Emerging Trends and Better Meet Consumers’ Needs

May 31, 2023

2:35 pm

- 3:05 pm


Danyal Syed Ali

Head of Consumer and Customer Insights

IKEA Canada

Jan Kestle

President and Founder

Environics Analytics

Effectively building and maintaining consumers’ loyalty and trust as changing demographics, values, and lifestyles drive new shopping behaviours can only be achieved by working with today’s most relevant data. To truly understand evolving sensitivities and how retailers can more effectively reach their target audiences when and where they want to shop – all while considering the emerging importance of ESG best practices – needs a new perspective on how to leverage data. Jan Kestle, President of Environics Analytics, sits down with leading Canadian retailers to discuss how these trends continue to evolve and how these retailers are addressing the nuances in news ways through more innovative consumer segmentation.

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