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State of the Industry

Day 1 – May 31, 2022

8:45 am

- 9:30 am


Patricia Baker

Director, Retail

Scotia Capital Inc.

Dianne Buckner


CBC’s Dragons’ Den

Dr. Sylvain Charlebois

Professor of Food Distribution and Policy

Dalhousie University

The accomplishments of retailers over the past two years have led the way in transformation of both customer and employees experiences. What does the future of retail look like on this continued trajectory? This state of the industry round table brings together Ira Kalish, Chief Global Economist with Deloitte, Patricia Baker, Director, Retailing, Global Equity Research, Scotiabank, and The Food Professor, Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Professor, Food Distribution and Policy, Dalhousie University. This round table discussion looks at the impact of war, inflation, and labour shortages on the retail industry in Canada and around the world.

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