ShopLiftr: Your Partner in Dynamic Retail Advertising

Founded and based in Ottawa for over 20 years, ShopLiftr is a proudly Canadian company at the forefront of dynamic digital ad tech solutions for brands and retailers. Our dynamic creative platform supports multi-lingual, geo-targeted display and video ads that cater to diverse sectors including grocery, CPG, DIY, hardware, and more.

Our solution stands out by providing personalized advertising in English and French, helping brands connect with consumers through relevant, accurate deals, leading to increased in-store sales and traffic. ShopLiftr leverages a vast proprietary database of over 200,000 weekly refreshed active trade promotions, ensuring real-time, hyper-localized ad content that resonates with shoppers.

Our name, ShopLiftr, embodies our mission to lift in-store sales. As we join the Retail Council of Canada Store Conference, we’re eager to showcase how our innovative advertising solutions can transform the Canadian retail experience – drive significant increases in store traffic.