Adam is the Senior Vice President of Product & Marketing at Flipp, a leading retail technology company. In his role, Adam is focused on building products and technologies that help people make smart shopping decisions while enabling retailers and brands to influence those decisions through digital merchandising experiences.

Adam is an experienced, charismatic speaker, who most recently delivered the Concurrent Session at RCC’s Retail Marketing Conference in September 2023, alongside Matthew Cheung. Adam is an accomplished public speaker with the ability to distill complex and large ideas into relatable real-life analogies and examples that bring context and inclusivity to multiple audiences.

Before joining Flipp, Adam led various businesses at Procter & Gamble including Retail Innovation, eCommerce, Market Strategy & Planning, and the Amazon Business Development Team. Adam graduated from the University of Toronto where he studied Computer Science and Political Science. Before graduation, Adam took a four-year break from University to tour the world as a member of a critically acclaimed reggae-rock band called Panic & the Rebel Emergency.