Kimi Walker leads a team that manages product safety and compliance, responsible sourcing, and environmental stewardship across the Canadian Tire family of companies.  In addition, she drives circular economy initiatives by sharing internal and external best practices, finding collaborative partners and celebrating our many successes.

Kimi also actively participates as a Board Member of the Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association, as a Board Member of the Trade Facilitation Organization, and as Treasurer of Nirapon, an organization to drive a culture of worker safety in Bangladesh.

Kimi joined Canadian Tire Corporation in 1994 as a Financial Analyst and has contributed to a number of different functions within Canadian Tire, including Retail Finance, Retail Strategy, Financial Systems, Business Intelligence, Sourcing, Product Quality and Reverse Flow.  Prior to coming to Canadian Tire, Kimi taught English for two towns in Ehime, Japan and earlier had been a Marketing Services Analyst for Petro-Canada Retail.

Kimi has an MBA in International Business from McMaster University and a Honours Bachelor of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University.