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Thriving in the New Normal: Navigating Retail Resilience and Consumer Revolution in the Affordability Era 

May 28, 2024

1:45 pm

- 2:30 pm


Luc Dumont

SVP Insights / Vice-président, Insight consommateur


Christian Bourque

EVP & Senior Partner / Vice-président exécutif


The affordability crisis is reshaping the Canadian retail landscape and consumer priorities, presenting a pivotal shift in shopping behaviors and brand relationships. This retail-focused presentation, underpinned by Leger’s comprehensive multi-year research, delves into the profound effects of inflation on consumer mental well-being, coping strategies of Canadian shoppers, highlighting the shift towards frugality as a newfound badge of honor and the resulting fluctuation in brand loyalties. Leveraging Leger’s advanced analytics, we aim to provide deep insights into the retail sector’s evolving dynamics, illustrating the significant impact on consumer behavior and projecting future trends in Canada’s retail industry and consumer lifestyles. 

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